Rainbow After the Storm




These words appear as part of the definition of “rainbow” in most dictionaries. For the families featured in this project, these words ring truer than most. These families have suffered the loss of a child due to miscarriage, stillborn, or infant loss, and are now proud parents of what our society calls “rainbow babies.”

In the Bible, a rainbow is seen as a promise from God to never destroy all life on Earth again. At one point, many of these families probably lost sight of that promise…perhaps multiple times for some. But to these families, the hope of a rainbow was all they had to hold on to. One family in particular still holds on to that hope after their recent loss.

When I miscarried our first children four years ago, my husband and I were crushed. Broken. Incomplete. Suffering. I remember feeling so alone, because for some reason many people consider this to be a “suffer in silence” type of experience for a family to endure. But I made myself a promise that I would one day change that, so that families feeling this unfathomable amount of pain wouldn’t feel like they had to carry that by themselves.

Thus was born “Rainbow After the Storm,” a project I’m so honored to have facilitated. These families are now a little less broken, a little less alone, and hopefully we can reach out and touch others with our stories.

If you have lost a child, whether you have your rainbow baby or not, please join us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/rainbowafterthestorm).

With Love,
Kimberly Hardouin, Photography by Kimberly

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